Maritime Communications Group

Technology Development

The best developer of technology is the one that has experienced actual field deployment and testing.  MCG corporate staff have decades of experience.  MCG representative projects include


  • Multi-spectral digital image acquistion by un-manned aerial vehicles (UAV) and programable low earth orbit (LEO) platforms
  • VSAT based SCADA network for remote acquisition of hydrographic watershed data employing radioactive isotope sensors.
  • GPS enabled remote location and SCADA for vehicles with high-risk in isloted locations
  • GPS enabled remote tracking of vehicles transporting sensitive military and civilian nuclear devices.
  • Multi-spectral digital terrestrial image acquistion and on-board processing module for airframe and orbital application
  • Multi-procesor computer for remote control and programming of remotely located radio broadcasting stations
  • Multi-spectral HD image and data module for table gaming
  • 31 channel MMDS analog point-to-multipoint television network.
  • Analog vs. digital over-water propagation study of video signals
  • Radio location and telemetry modules for orbital vehicles
  • Multi-platform integration of situational monitoring, secure communiction, and geoloction for battle groups.
  • Integration of cellular telephone technolgy with multi-channel VHF and UHF fleet telecoms
  • High security payment processing for gaming industry
  • Design and construction of data center






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